What is MyLinks?

MyLinks is a new FREE application that allows you to electronically gather your medical records from all your doctors and store them in one place, fully under your control.

What’s the difference between MyLinks and a patient portal?

MyLinks allows you to store all your data in one place instead of having your information fractured over multiple portals. You can also correct and share your records with whomever you want.

How to get started using MyLinks

  1. Set up your MyLinks account at by clicking “Sign Up” Once you’ve filled out your info, a confirmation will be sent to your email to complete your registration (If you don’t see your confirmation email within a few minutes, check your spam folder.)
  2. Once you’re logged-in, click “Gather Health Records”. Search for your healthcare organization, then click “Get Health Record’.
  3. You’ll be routed to the login page for your healthcare provider’s patient portal. Log in with your portal username and password, then follow the instructions to add the data into your MyLinks account. If you don’t have a login, contact your clinic to gain access to their patient portal.

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