Care Stories

Our family has been going to 20/20 Optical for years because the service and quality of care is excellent. From contact fittings to fittings for glasses, Sue, Jayne and Mandi deliver fantastic customer satisfaction along with making sure the health of our eyes are at the forefront of their priorities.


I have been a patient of Ophthalmology Associates for 20 plus years and have been very satisfied with the eye care I have received including exams, eyeglass and contact prescriptions and ongoing treatment of an eye condition I developed years ago. The doctors I have seen were very knowledgeable and were able to explain things in terms that I could understand. The nurses and other staff were all very cheerful and the atmosphere was always very comfortable as if everyone was enjoying working together. I recommend Ophthalmology Associates to my family and friends and they have also been very pleased with the care they have received. Thank you to Ophthalmology Associates for always providing excellent eye care.


Thank you so much for all you and some of your staff did for me in getting rid of my cataracts and helping me see so well again. Every Wednesday in February and a few Wednesdays before February, I was seen by you and some of your staff. The more I saw each of you, the more I admired all that you each did for me and for others in helping them have better vision. Thank you for using your gifts!


I had such an amazing experience with all the people I interacted with at the clinic! Before I had LASIK I was wearing my glasses almost full time. Contacts had been my preferred way to see, however I fled with age that my eyes were getting drier and drier, hence wearing glasses most often. When I went in to see Dr. Birkholtz she said I would be a perfect candidate for LASIK. After the procedure I woke up the next day and could see everything! Seriously, I think the first words were, “Why didn’t I do this sooner!” So that is my advice to everyone that is thinking about it. Do it! It is the best decision I could have made. I love that I don’t have to wear glasses, clean glasses, worry about my toddler breaking my glasses or having glasses on hand because my eyes are so dry from my contacts. I love waking up in the morning and I can see everything. I love that I see better now than I ever have before! I can see better than I could with my contacts or glasses.


I would refer my friends and family to Ophthalmology Associates. The doctors are excellent as are the entire staff. They are very friendly, kind, caring and professional. Access to the clinic and parking are good with the drive up and drop off, automatic doors and wheelchairs inside the door. There is a large, comfortable spacious waiting area and optical area for viewing and choosing beautiful, comfortable frames.


I want to thank everyone there for the good care and kind service I received this month with the eye problem I was experiencing! I feel so blessed to be near such quality care.


I want to express my thanks to Dr. Birkholz for her skills and professionalism during my second cataract surgery. Even though I am still healing and won’t have new glasses for a while, there is already a big difference in my vision.


We feel 20/20 Optical offers the very best in friendly, professional and personalized assistance. We have been visiting 20/20 Optical for our eyewear for many years. The staff all share a commitment to providing outstanding customer service and have always gone above and beyond to assure our complete satisfaction. They have a great selection of frames and each of the staff is excellent at helping select the right frame for appearance, our lifestyle and vision needs. We highly recommend you give 20.20 Optical an opportunity to impress you, too.

Mike & Cindy

I have been coming to Ophthalmology Associates for 32 years and have always been pleased and satisfied with the care I received. Dr. Roust and Dr. Brkholz have always explained procedures and options for me and answered all questions. When my mother moved to Mankato, she became one of Dr. Birkholz’s first patients and loved “Dr. Emily”. Our family speaks highly of the doctors and staff of Ophthalmology Associates!


I’ve been going to Ophthalmology Associates only a short time. My previous doctor retired and a friend recommended Ophthalmology Associates. I had cataracts and they were getting worse It was getting so I couldn’t pass my DOT physical. I scheduled an appointment and was able to see Dr Roust. After his assessment he suggested I consider cataract surgery. We talked about the different lenses that could be implanted to restore my vision without the need to wear glasses. I was excited at the thought of not wearing glasses anymore! With my nearsightedness and astigmatism he suggested I schedule an appointment with Dr Birkholz. At my next appointment with Dr Birkholz, she examined my eyes, explained the procedure and different lenses. I chose the toric multifocal lenses. My cataract surgery on both eyes was a huge success! I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes! Something I haven’t been able to say since the second grade! Today in church I was able to able to understand what was being said in the service because I was able to see the persons mouth as they were talking (ears next)! The feeling was more than I can describe!

I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Roust, Dr Birkholz and all the staff at Ophthalmology Associates! I highly recommend you!


I had my left eye cataract surgery on January 7, 2019 and my right eye cataract surgery on January 28, 2019. I need to say Ophthalmology Associates have an absolutely wonderful staff. You have very knowledgeable and professional people who make you feel very comfortable. I can not say enough about Dr. Emily Birkholz—She is an absolute wonderful doctor and I would recommend her and the Ophthalmology Center. Thank you so much.


I would like to Thank Ophthalmology Associates & LASIK Center for the wonderful experience thus far with my PRK procedure. 

From the initial consultation, day of surgery, to where I am today- 1 month into recovery, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  The team at Ophthalmology Associates & LASIK Center have been professional, informative and absolutely great to work with.  Outside the fantastic team Dr. Birkholz assigned to my care, being local has been a huge benefit.  It has been extremely convenient to work with a team that is no more than 10 minutes from my doorstep.  On the weekend when I needed some extra care, Dr. Consoer was there to the rescue, he put my mind at ease that everything I was experiencing was normal, which was a big deal when you are 2 days out of your PRK surgery.  The first morning that I opened my eyes and could see my alarm clock across the room made it all worth it.  I am absolutely thrilled that I no longer have to worry about contacts or glasses.  I really appreciate the care I have received from each of the team members that have been part of my process.  Thank you! Dr. Birkholz, Dr. Consoer, Jillian, Kirstin and Judy for making this big decision one of the easiest knowing you all have my comfort and care in mind.  So far so good, each day is getting better and better.  I highly recommend this team for your vision needs.  


Recently, I renewed my insurance. My deciding factor was ‘who carries the Ophthalmology Associate practice’. Important to me is a practice that values new techniques and technologies. My needs require a team who recognize that their patient base is their driving force. I am impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise that Ophthalmology Associates displays. It starts at the reception desks and carries through to the nurses, technicians and provider. This practice, not only services patients, but also engages in the community through volunteer opportunities. I have seen their efforts first hand. IMPRESSIVE! 

Mary Jo

If you are in doubt about placing a call for your next eye appointment, this is the place. The doctors and staff are very caring and compassionate.