20/20 Optical

At 20/20 Optical, we carry designer frames with local prices. In addition to eye glass frames, we carry a wide variety of contact lens styles and brands. Our knowledgeable staff with a combined average of 25+ years of experience in the industry will help you select the right frames or contact lenses for your needs and lifestyle. Whether your prescription is from Ophthalmology Associates—located in the same building as 20/20 Optical—or from another practice, we are here to help.

Designer Frames

20/20 Optical offers a wide variety of designer fashion frames including:

Adira | Aspex Easytwist | Aristar | Aspex TurboflexBCBG | Charmant Titanium | Cote D’Azur | Evatik | Flexon | FYSH | Kate Spade | Kliik |  | Michael Ryan | OGI | Scott Harris | Seraphin | Silhouette | Takumi | Uber Frames | Oak NYC

In addition, 20/20 Optical also offers a variety of designer kid frames including:

Aspex EasyTwist | Europa db4k | Flexon Junior | Life Italia | Ogi Kids | SuperFlex | TurboFlex | Kate Spade Kids 


20/20 Optical offers a range of dry eye products to help with discomfort with dry, irritated eyes as well as eye nutrition including:

D.E.R.M. Dry Eye Relief Mask | Focus Select | Freshkote drops | Retaine MGD | Retaine PM | OcuSOFT Lid Scrub | TeaTree Eyelid & Facial Cleanser | Anti-Fog Wipes & Eyeglass Accessories

Convenient Location

20/20 Optical is conveniently locating in the same building as Ophthalmology Associates at 1630 Adams Street in Mankato, Minnesota.

Phone: 507-625-2020
Fax: 507-388-9962

We feel 20/20 Optical offers the very best in friendly, professional and personalized assistance. We have been visiting 20/20 Optical for our eyewear for many years. The staff all share a commitment to providing outstanding customer service and have always gone above and beyond to assure our complete satisfaction. They have a great selection of frames and each of the staff is excellent at helping select the right frame for appearance, our lifestyle and vision needs. We highly recommend you give 20.20 Optical an opportunity to impress you, too.

Mike & Cindy

Our family has been going to 20/20 Optical for years because the service and quality of care is excellent. From contact fittings to fittings for glasses, Sue, Jayne and Mandi deliver fantastic customer satisfaction along with making sure the health of our eyes are at the forefront of their priorities.


Contact Information

20 / 20 Optical
1630 Adams Street
Mankato, MN 56001

Phone: 507-625-2020
Fax: 507-388-9962
Office Hours: 8 am – 5 pm, Mon – Fri

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